I am Cheryl and I own, breed and show Yorkshire Terriers under the kennel name Hihopes Yorkshire Terriers. I have been enchanted with this breed for more than 25 years, and seriously involved with showing and breeding for over 10 years. 
In the past 10 plus years I have come to know how important it is to breed and show healthy, happy yorkies and have worked diligently towards these goals. I am proud to say that to date, I have shown to championship 9 dogs of my own and 4 others that I co-own with someone else. I am continuously striving to achieve more in the show ring, and I have worked extremely hard at breeding healthy, sound dogs. Because of this I have been able to provide many people over the years with lots of “yorkie happiness” through purchasing my pet puppies or placing an older dog in loving homes.
The most important lesson I have acquired as a breeder over all the years is preserving and improving the breed through a careful, educated and healthy breeding program. Following this personal code of ethics has continued to keep balance and joy for me in owning this wonderful little breed. My world would be lonely and empty without a yorkie at my side.


Cheryl Kroll
Hihopes Yorkshire Terriers
Ashford • Connecticut
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